Who we are

Established by journalists and opinion-formers to facilitate rights of access for journalists, we deal with problems faced by journalists ranging from imprisonment at one extreme to censorship at the other.

What we do

The ICF also deals with issues in relation to xenophobia and disinformation, and has at its heart a concern for Media Ethics. It compiles and publishes a Media Ethics Code.

The Awards

The ICF council grants annual international media awards for best practice. They include the Peace Through Media awards for seasoned journalists who have made a seminal contribution to bettering understanding.

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Chairman's Reflection

William Morris

For most journalists, spending a week working on a story is a luxury they can only dream of. Most modern editors are simply too busy to concern themselves on a day to day level with being the conscience of their junior reporters. Ethical journalism requires standards of vigilance that are unprecedented precisely because we are our own moral guardians and cannot lean on our bosses any longer, writes our new Chairman.


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Bernard Margueritte

Bernard Margueritte represented the ICF at the Reconciliation conference in Greece. 

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